Aiming Too High?

It is possible that I have set my funding goals too high for a crowd-funded project with limited publicity or soliciting. However, I view the whole project as a learning experiment on several fronts. First, I’ve never built a false ceiling before. I’ve never built any sort of ceiling before, let alone on that houses a replica of part of a space station. Also, I’ve never asked others to help support any of my projects before.

This whole project has been filled with “aha!” moments (and one injury) and I’m fairly certain it has a few more of both left for me before it’s completed. In 29 days my funding project will end. If I don’t reach my goal by then, no funding.  I won’t be stopping the project or giving up if this happens. I will just continue, tweak something and try something else.

Asking others to help fund something like this project is is a funny thing.  If someone is passionate about it and wants to help, I’d be happy for the support. I’ve had one person even donate a networking switch! One way or the other the project will happen, the funding just ensure it happens a lot faster but also its a way for people to connect and be part of something. It’s that last part that I think is really something neat. I’ve been on Twitter for over a year and through it I’ve met all sorts of wonderful people. Directly because of these people, I’ve had some of the best experiences and days of my life. I’d like to believe that through this project I can share my love of space and in the process get to meet and connect with more incredible people.  Which is why the project will take a donation of $1. Frankly, the best possible way I can imagine this project being funded is entirely by $1 donations. That would mean that I get to meet a lot more cool and interesting people and a whole lot more people get involved in something space related.

So, help the projct by spreading the word. You never know where these sorts of things may lead.


About John M Knight

Geek Dad, Space Enthusiast, LEGO artist, writer, Gamer, Photographer, Maker, Tech Guru, Comic book fan, movie buff, & Cubs fan (hire me: )
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