The Project’s Christmas List

Ok, getting any item on this list for Christmas would be GREAT! However, I really just have been meaning to put a list together of some of the outstanding hardware items I need for the ol’Cupola Project. This list is mainly for my benefit but, I have been asked by some VERY generous people what I was looking for. So, donations are always welcome and come with a free drink and meal at the #SpaceBar!


  • 7 LCD mounting brackets – these don’t have to swivel but need to be identical.
  • VGA extender cables. Depending on length of the cables, I’ll need 7 @ around 20′.
  • Rack Mount or small form factor PC’s with graphics that support DirectX 11. The servers I have can’t be upgraded to the necessary specs to drive the ISS monitors. They will drive consoles and automation equipment.
  • Space Shuttle Simulation software.  I have X-Plane and Orbiter. Any recommendations for anything else?
  • Flight pedals for the PC. Did I mention that I was building a shuttle cockpit too?
  • Throttle control for PC.
  • Nice to have – Touch monitors – any size. These are for cockpit and simulation control interfaces.

Shuttle Cockpit/ISS interior hardware

  • 2 Aviation chairs (or reasonable facsimile.) – I’d be happy to build ones like the shuttle. Anyone have some good plans/pix?
  • Any sort of interior/spacey details to add to the realism. I’m not going for movie quality but just to give you an idea.. I have installed some “hand-rails” on the ceiling for the cupola. I’m talking switches to lights to anything. The more authentic the better.

Well that’s about it. I know it’s a lot and I’m not really asking for anything but this does give you an idea of where I’m at. The physical cupola and false ceiling have been built. I have monitors and projectors for the shuttle and ISS (for the most part). I have a few PC’s. (bummer Dell and HP servers don’t support upgraded video!!) and a nice air cooled server rack for them to go into. I have network cables and routers and switches! I have flight sticks and some cameras (going to be able to record the missions after all!). I even have a nice flown flag framed to go in the cupola!



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