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The Project’s Christmas List

Ok, getting any item on this list for Christmas would be GREAT! However, I really just have been meaning to put a list together of some of the outstanding hardware items I need for the ol’Cupola Project. This list is … Continue reading

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Gone but not forgotten!

Hey folks! I just wanted to let you know that while I haven’t posted for a very long time that this project is not dead! Sure, I wasn’t able to raise the funds via KickStarter but that only means that … Continue reading

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Parts of Project Cupola to be part of museum exhibit

I’m in the process of loaning various computers and other components to the Curious Kids Children’s Museum as part of an upcoming exhibit. The “Curious Kids in Outer Space” exhibit will have various computer kiosks and displays, most of which form … Continue reading

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This Week’s Poll

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Parts of Cupola Simulator to be on Public Display

Tentatively, pieces of the Cupola Simulator may be on display as part of an upcoming exhibit at the Curious Kids Museum in Saint Joseph, Michigan. I’m working with Pat Adams, director of the museum to include artifacts from my personal … Continue reading

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Of Cables and Windows

As a maker, I get great satisfaction out of seeing progress on my projects. When my I’m actively building something I either have a look of deep concentration or bliss on my face. What I have on schedule for tonight’s … Continue reading

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Aiming Too High?

It is possible that I have set my funding goals too high for a crowd-funded project with limited publicity or soliciting. However, I view the whole project as a learning experiment on several fronts. First, I’ve never built a false … Continue reading

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